Welcome to the home of award-winning photographer Nicolas Alexander Otto

I believe that in this post modern age in which our lives are continuously accelerating it is important to preserve time and en-capsule the moments that we hold dear. I offer to you imagery of serenity and quietude with a strong emphasis on tranquil atmosphere and a preference for the blue hour as well as the twilight beyond – the most peaceful of times. Here I present only the best pictures without exception, sharing my sense of wanderlust and love for the art itself. For in every photograph lies the essence of a moment, transient it may be,  which we as people can make last for as long as we desire.

I do offer custom print requests as well as licenses for private persons and professional businesses – commission works are also available on request. Feel free to browse my selections and be immersed in breathtaking light conditions, sublime scenery and gritty black and white imagery.