Urbanscape Wallpapers Vol. I


Oftentimes I find myself looking for some variety when I get new wallpapers and nowadays also use urbanscapes for this purpose not only nature or landscape images. These are three of my shots I have used as a wallpaper for my different screens over the past months.

I usually use a rather calm composition with some negative space for the screen I do basic windows application work on and one that can have some more details and textures which might be distracting from icons on the screen that actually has none because I exclusively edit on it. So I ended up selecting these three, making them available for you in 16:9 HD resolution.

You can get the files here:


Passing of White Crown

After a severe thunderstorm passed over Germany's capital the Tempodroms roof stands stark against the ominous skies with a stray lightning illuminating the clouds.

Midnight Carnival III

On a cold winter night the light installations on the former coking facility, now Unesco World Heritage, "Zeche Zollverein" located in Assindia tint the scenery in blue and red with a soft transition in between. The former pusher machine tracks are flooded with water and make for a terrific reflection in calm nights like this one.

Verblasst II

After the original Scheveningen Pier was bombed in World War II the Dutch rebuilt it afterwards, but already before the end of the Cold War it suffered neglect and was only shortly relived in the mid nineties only to be abandoned again after 2011. But it still is one of the most photogenic piers on mainland Europe and stands emblematic for a time of economic growth as much as it stands for the following recession.