Landscape Wallpapers Vol. III – Lofoten Winter


So after returning from the wintry north of Norway I thought I should share some of the nice moods to get you guys and gals in the mood! So here’s a small Wallpaper Pack for your desktops! Enjoy!


Arctic Fisher’s Village II


Once home to some of the most rugged and tough fishers of the far north these cozy little cabins are now part of the local tourism industry and can be rented. Their appeal however still remains as they tell of a simpler time.

A Pale Approach


With the first and at the same time last rays of light on the last day before the polar night gets bounced of high clouds in the south some of the mountains can be painted in very faint and gentle pink tones before the fall into the darkness.

Perpetual Blue Hour


By mid-December the sun doesn’t even peak above the horizon anymore up there on the Lofoten islands located above the arctic circle. This means you may witness some sunset colors if you’re faced towards the south but in any other direction you stare into the blue hour which seems to go on forever with its subtle tones and gentle hues. In fact the blue hour last’s for about 5-7 hours around that time.


You are not authorized to use them in any other form than as a wallpaper for personal use however without my written consent.

Here’s the download link: Nicolas_Alexander_Otto_-_Lofoten-Winter-Wallpapers

I included the most frequent 16:9 screen resolutions WQHD, HD, HD-R and VGAX.