Landscape Wallpapers Vol. II – Winter

Looking at what a beautiful season winter is, as it again stands on the doors of most parts of the northern hemisphere I want to share some wintry impressions with you to get you in the mood. Hopefully I’ll be able to expand my winter portfolio over the course of the next months but for now I am dwelling in reminiscence of the great, cold days spent shooting these photographs. Also including a freshly processed shot I took last new years in Bavaria So without further ado:

In My Absence

The sun shines through a veil of fog on a wintry morning in Bavaria. With the temperatures falling rapidly over night and the large body of water of the Kochelsee storing warmth from the day prior, the resulting steaming surface adds to the mysterious atmosphere.


Our Breath in Winter

The sun descending upon the mighty Öræfajökull part of Vatnajökull the largest glacier in all of Europe. It's ice glistening in the warm evening light which is illuminating the haze coming inward from the Atlantic sea.


At the Heart of Winter

The lucid scarlet of the dawn mixes with the light pollution emanating from the town of Mittenwald to form these stunning light streaks in the clouds over the foothills of the alps. The thick layer of snow transformed the scenery into the epitome of winter wonderland just over night. A sight to revel in.

As always you can find the download here: