Der Landschaftsfotografie Podcast S01 E60: Erez Marom (English)

About originality in landscape photography, volcanos and unpopular opinions

Hey guys and gals, this time around it’s time for me to introduce another of my favorite international photographers to my German audience! I have been following Erez‘ work since the advent of social media and been reading his articles containing some controversial and interesting opinions. He has a preference for unfamiliar places, shooting landscapes that you usually would not see on the social media realms, everchanging landscapes such as volcanos, beaches and deserts. But just as much as he loves to take imagery of wildlife in the middle of the jungle. Of course we talked about some of his travels, some of his volcano shots – as he has just returned from shooting the eruption in Iceland – and his articles. I think all of you will enjoy the podcast, especially the latter part when we got into the nitty gritty of some of this rather unpopular opinions! Have fun listening everyone!

Here you can find his portfolio:

His Drone video we talked about can be found here: Iceland Volcano Eruption

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Adrian Rohnfelder | Ian Plant | Marc Adamus | Daniel Haussmann | Joseph Roybal | Max Rive