Der Landschaftsfotografie Podcast S01 E30: Colin Sillerud (English)

S01 E30: Colin Sillerud (English)

Hey Guys and Gals, today I present you with another international Episode in my ongoing podcast about landscape photography. Thus this episode is actually in English not German. Today’s guest is southwest photographer Colin Sillerud, who I got to meet on my trip to the US last October. I always enjoyed his work since the my old DeviantART days and since decided to get him on after having had a great talk about photography in the desert of Colorado. On the Podcast talked about the inherent sense of danger and „feeling alive“ with landscape photography as it’s catalyst, his journey into photography in general, cultural differences of European and American landscape photography, image manipulation and everyone’s favorite: Social media. All that and many other interesting topics are waiting for you, why are still reading this? Give it a listen!



You can find all the works of Colin on his homepage


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