Landscape Wallpapers Vol. III – Lofoten Winter

  So after returning from the wintry north of Norway I thought I should share some of the nice moods to get you guys and gals in the mood! So here’s a small Wallpaper Pack for your desktops! Enjoy!   Arctic Fisher’s Village II   A Pale Approach   Perpetual Blue Hour     You […]

Landscape Wallpapers Vol. II – Winter

Looking at what a beautiful season winter is, as it again stands on the doors of most parts of the northern hemisphere I want to share some wintry impressions with you to get you in the mood. Hopefully I’ll be able to expand my winter portfolio over the course of the next months but for […]

Urbanscape Wallpapers Vol. I

  Oftentimes I find myself looking for some variety when I get new wallpapers and nowadays also use urbanscapes for this purpose not only nature or landscape images. These are three of my shots I have used as a wallpaper for my different screens over the past months. I usually use a rather calm composition […]

HP Online | Landscape Wallpapers Vol. I

I’m proud that after one and a half years of effort I am finally able to present you my personal homepage where I present my images in with the framework I always had in mind. I invested quite some time in the design and I hope given the context I created my imagery does get […]