Retrospective: 2018

The year is winding down fast and even though I have spent more time with photography as ever before it seems like I have only barely held up achieving 50% of what I originally envisioned to do not having the time to put in as much of it into shooting and processing as I had […]

Retrospective: 2017

As 2017 is slowly but surely coming to an end and almost all the planned shots are shot (let alone for a my alpine winter trip with Philipp Lutz on the 26th) I think I can offer a retrospective on some of the events and draw a summary. Reading up on what plans I had […]

Retrospective: 2016

Another successful year is in the books and what a year it was. Interestingly I didn’t really got to do the things that I set out to but instead visited other places and met other people. I didn’t make it to Scotland, Iceland or to Namibia. But instead went to Norway, the Faroe Islands as […]

Retrospective: 2015

Ahh, 2015 is over and I ticked most of the boxes that I wanted to when I was walking in. I finished university, I did in fact even get a very good degree 1.1 – which is like an A in American terms I would say, I got this website of the ground after a […]