Photoshop Tutorial: Realistisch Dunst Entfernen

Hey Leute, heute mal ein Nachbearbeitungs Tutorial. Oftmals gibt’s bei Dunst Probleme mit der Weitsicht und dem Kontrast. Daher hier ein Tipp wie ich damit in Photoshop umgehe und einen realistischen Look erziele, dabei aber gleichzeitig den Dunst reduziere und Details sichtbar mache. Alles was in diesem Video erklärt wird funktioniert natürlich auch mit anderen […]

Of Revision in Landscape Photography

The Importance of Revision in Landscape Photography Originally published in LPM Issue 77. I now bring you the full article on my personal blog: Oftentimes in landscape photography, we prefer exploring uncharted territory, going where other photographers have not been or shot before. We do this mostly because we are in search of a great […]

10 Things about Travelling in Japan

  … as a landscape photographer. After having visited Japan two times in 2006 and 2008, I had not been in Japan for 9 years before travelling to the southern islands Kyushu and Yakushima this year. Whilst I polished my Japanese and had scouted a lot, I didn’t quite know what to expect travelling through the […]

10 Reasons for Shooting the Blue Hour!

  Originally released in the February 2016 issue of the famous Landscape Photography Magazine. I am now able to bring you this article also on my personal blog. However I highly recommend checking out the magazine since it contains great articles and stunning photographs on a monthly basis. Now without any further ado here are […]

New gear does make you a better photographer?!

  Often you read professional photographer’s blogs that go on about how new and better gear does not make you a better photographer, but it is a rather all in the skills one possesses and develops over time. This blog entry is somewhat of a combatant against this stereotype briefly addressing three major arguments why […]