Of Revision in Landscape Photography

The Importance of Revision in Landscape Photography Originally published in LPM Issue 77. I now bring you the full article on my personal blog: Oftentimes in landscape photography, we prefer exploring uncharted territory, going where other photographers have not been or shot before. We do this mostly because we are in search of a great […]

10 Things about Travelling in Japan

  … as a landscape photographer. After having visited Japan two times in 2006 and 2008, I had not been in Japan for 9 years before travelling to the southern islands Kyushu and Yakushima this year. Whilst I polished my Japanese and had scouted a lot, I didn’t quite know what to expect travelling through the […]

10 Reasons for Shooting the Blue Hour!

  Originally released in the February 2016 issue of the famous Landscape Photography Magazine. I am now able to bring you this article also on my personal blog. However I highly recommend checking out the magazine since it contains great articles and stunning photographs on a monthly basis. Now without any further ado here are […]

New gear does make you a better photographer?!

  Often you read professional photographer’s blogs that go on about how new and better gear does not make you a better photographer, but it is a rather all in the skills one possesses and develops over time. This blog entry is somewhat of a combatant against this stereotype briefly addressing three major arguments why […]