Haida NanoPro Filter Test – ND 3.0 | ND1.8 | GND 0.9

  Foreword Pretty early in my photographic venture I felt the need to explore the prosthetic possibilities, augmenting what we see as humans with a wider array of visual impressions, expanding our usual sensory abilities. I quickly fell in love with the aesthetic of long exposures. Back in the day there were only so few […]

Retrospective: 2016

Another successful year is in the books and what a year it was. Interestingly I didn’t really got to do the things that I set out to but instead visited other places and met other people. I didn’t make it to Scotland, Iceland or to Namibia. But instead went to Norway, the Faroe Islands as […]

10 Reasons for Shooting the Blue Hour!

  Originally released in the February 2016 issue of the famous Landscape Photography Magazine. I am now able to bring you this article also on my personal blog. However I highly recommend checking out the magazine since it contains great articles and stunning photographs on a monthly basis. Now without any further ado here are […]

Additional Workshops Autumn 2016

As mentioned in my previous entry I am leading different workshops for community colleges (VHS) this year and announced that I would add some more dates soon. Here are the dates for the Landscape Photography Workshops at VHS Münster, this time split into three parts which can be booked separately from one another: Einführung in […]

Autumn Workshops 2016

This year I will conduct several workshops in cooperation with the Fachhochschule (community college) VHS Münster, VHS Marl and VHS Essen. You can find all the necessary information and booking on the pages of the institutions here: Introduction into Landscape Photography – Einführung in die Landschaftsfotografie:  16.09 – 18.09.2016  VHS Marl: Link Architecture Photography in […]

Retrospective: 2015

Ahh, 2015 is over and I ticked most of the boxes that I wanted to when I was walking in. I finished university, I did in fact even get a very good degree 1.1 – which is like an A in American terms I would say, I got this website of the ground after a […]

Landscape Wallpapers Vol. II – Winter

Looking at what a beautiful season winter is, as it again stands on the doors of most parts of the northern hemisphere I want to share some wintry impressions with you to get you in the mood. Hopefully I’ll be able to expand my winter portfolio over the course of the next months but for […]

Landscape Calendar 2016

  Sold Out! Looking for a Christmas present for your loved ones? I got one for you! My 2016 Landscape calendar is out! It features 12 of my all time favorite images, ranging from Germany over France and Spain to Iceland offering a wide variety of scenery for every months enjoyment! It’s DIN A2 Std. […]

New gear does make you a better photographer?!

  Often you read professional photographer’s blogs that go on about how new and better gear does not make you a better photographer, but it is a rather all in the skills one possesses and develops over time. This blog entry is somewhat of a combatant against this stereotype briefly addressing three major arguments why […]

Urbanscape Wallpapers Vol. I

  Oftentimes I find myself looking for some variety when I get new wallpapers and nowadays also use urbanscapes for this purpose not only nature or landscape images. These are three of my shots I have used as a wallpaper for my different screens over the past months. I usually use a rather calm composition […]