Even Longer Exposures – Haida Nano Pro ND 3.6

When long exposures aren’t long enough, despite using an ND Filter, what do you do? Right! Get a ND filter that blocks more light! The shot above was exposed for 167 seconds with a only single filter at f/8 (so no need to stop down) and ISO 125 during a pretty bright sunrise situation. So […]

FLM Tripod – Experiences with Quality „Made in Germany“

As some of you may have noticed, I am now a proud ambassador of the German tripod manufacturer FLM which are well known for their top of the line carbon fiber tripods. Thus I thought I should write down some of my experiences with the gear I’ve been using for the last couple of months […]

The Necessity of Discomfort

  Originally published in Landscape Photography Magazine Issue 69. I now bring you the full article on my personal blog:   The Necessity of Discomfort   The venture of landscape photography has many facets: it is an art form, it is a technical craft, but it is also in some ways a sport. We as […]

Photo Book Review – Saal Digital

For some time now I have been wanting to get a physical sample book of my landscape photography for promotion purposes, because it is important that clients get a physical impression of what the imagery looks like when printed.  So I finally got around to actually getting this point checked of my list. A friend […]

Haida Clear Night Filter Review

After testing some of the new Nano Pro filters by the popular filter manufacturer Haida which were very convincing I present to you a new Filter Test. Since the first test I’ve become a brand ambassador after using their ND Filters for my long exposures for years now. So know that I have received this filter for […]

10 Things about Travelling in Japan

  … as a landscape photographer. After having visited Japan two times in 2006 and 2008, I had not been in Japan for 9 years before travelling to the southern islands Kyushu and Yakushima this year. Whilst I polished my Japanese and had scouted a lot, I didn’t quite know what to expect travelling through the […]

Haida NanoPro Filter Test – ND 3.0 | ND1.8 | GND 0.9

  Foreword Pretty early in my photographic venture I felt the need to explore the prosthetic possibilities, augmenting what we see as humans with a wider array of visual impressions, expanding our usual sensory abilities. I quickly fell in love with the aesthetic of long exposures. Back in the day there were only so few […]

Retrospective: 2016

Another successful year is in the books and what a year it was. Interestingly I didn’t really got to do the things that I set out to but instead visited other places and met other people. I didn’t make it to Scotland, Iceland or to Namibia. But instead went to Norway, the Faroe Islands as […]

10 Reasons for Shooting the Blue Hour!

  Originally released in the February 2016 issue of the famous Landscape Photography Magazine. I am now able to bring you this article also on my personal blog. However I highly recommend checking out the magazine since it contains great articles and stunning photographs on a monthly basis. Now without any further ado here are […]

Additional Workshops Autumn 2016

As mentioned in my previous entry I am leading different workshops for community colleges (VHS) this year and announced that I would add some more dates soon. Here are the dates for the Landscape Photography Workshops at VHS Münster, this time split into three parts which can be booked separately from one another: Einführung in […]