Additional Workshops Autumn 2016

As mentioned in my previous entry I am leading different workshops for community colleges (VHS) this year and announced that I would add some more dates soon.

Here are the dates for the Landscape Photography Workshops at VHS Münster, this time split into three parts which can be booked separately from one another:

Einführung in die Landschaftsfotografie – Introduction to Landscape Photography:

09.10.2016 – LINK

When a low pressure cell moves in from the west oftentimes the summits of the characteristic Vestrahorn capture the clouds and shape them into what looks like lenticulars, forming around the peaks, and dissolving right after drifting past them.

Die Praxis der Landschaftsfotografie – Practical Experience in Landscape Photography:

16.10.2016 – LINK

The old fisher's wharf has not withstood the fall of time which was wreaking havoc in the form of several floods in the delta of the Sado river in most recent years. Parts of the pier were carefully repaired and are still used to this day. Others lie abandoned with the hands of time working at their demise.

Digitale Nachbearbeitung von Landschaftsfotografien – Digital Processing of Landscape Imagery:

05.11 – 06.11.2016 – LINK

Along the Vallée du Clarée there are many photogenic mountain sides, this one is located near the Lac Laramon. The brittle flowers and snow fields on the opposing mountainside make for a coherent color framing.

Combined all of these courses encompass theoretical framework of composition and technique, a practical part where participants will be led into the field to actively shoot and learn and a comprehensive post-processing part where I will share my knowledge on how to get the best out of what was captured on the sensor.


There courses are held in German, but in case I do have international participants, as Assindia and Münster are very multicultural cities I will also explain all information in English if desired. If you should have any questions regarding the content or organization please to not hesitate to contact me via my contact sheet here or via facebook.